Interim Management

What do you do if one of your top executives fails unexpectedly?

Your Management in China has violated the “Code of Conduct” and is immediately suspended from his position. The extent to which his employees are involved is still unknown, but the company must continue to be able to supply its customers.

You need an “Interim Manager” who will take over the business in the foreseeable future until you find a new Managing Director for the corrupted location.

We have over 20 years of experience in Executives positions formanufacturing companies of the automotive industry. Our management and reporting  skills as well the management of the employees correspond to today’s standards.

LY-TYP2-09On every order we take, you are the focus.

To forward your company’s philosophy and values as well the professional competence is our priority. It is important to us to understand all parties involved to offer an harmonious, economical and beneficial environment for your company, where we can contribute our work sustainably.

This accounts not only for the project work with you, but also when  dealing with customers where the external effect to represent your company is decisive.

We are aware that we represent your company at every task we do.

We are used to work in an international environment, and “Social Competence” as well as the “Code of Conduct” has accompanied us since 2004.

We are there for you and know that we represent your company with every task we do, please contact us …