Visit from China, HK, …

Reception and business services for your visit from China, Taiwan, HK, Singapore

We look after your visitors from Asia and offer you security for a smooth processing of your Agenda during the visit. Professional Simultaneous translation of the visitors, save valuable time during a short visit. A clear economic understanding and the associated vocabulary in Chinese is a prerequisite for a successful meeting.

We understand the economic relationships of the different topics and especially the Chinese significance of the individual statements during the meeting.

LY-TYP2-03Cultural differences for different provinces in China are at least as great as the differences between the countries of Europe.

In a preliminary meeting with you we will discuss your targets and your Agenda. After consultation with you we will tactically and harmoniously integrate your objectives in the conversation and pursue.

We support you with your guests in Germany, or can also assist you during your business meetings in China, Taiwan, Kong Kong, Singapore.

Lindhorst & Yang is offering professional support for your representation in front of your business partner, we are your voice with a competent translation for you.

Do not risk failure in communication and in understanding of your objectives.

Call us for a free preliminary talk, we look forward to be of assistance to you …