Supplier Evaluation

Quality can only be determined by clear specifications of standards for suppliers. Management systems and internal processes is another key building block for a quality product. Existing quality systems are of course no guarantee of consistent quality and must be checked regularly. Basically, we want to say that in most cases, the suppliers trying very hard to provide good quality and willing to implement requested improvements and suggestions. Most often, the implementation fails by the lack of technical understanding or missing “know how”.

We know about quality systems and the practices for their ratings in Asia.


The weaknesses in the system for the certifications in Asia are known to us. During a site visit and short recording of key data and machine equipment, we could estimate  the process capability. Further the investments can be estimated; and we can draw conclusions for contributions, margins and product pricing.

We have a very strong technical understanding and could assign your product to the individual processes on site and find out about missing production processes or quickly realize outsourcing of suppliers.

Talk to us if you want to develop your supplier and looking for solutions to quality risks or find solutions to existing quality problems.

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