Queena Tang
Queena Tang Marketing and Content Coordinator China
Wolfgang Lindhorst
Wolfgang Lindhorst Business Executive
Su-Chuan Yang-Lindhorst
Su-Chuan Yang-Lindhorst Chief Business Advisor / MA Certified Trainer

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• Conflict Management
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We are over 25 years active in the Asian market, thereof more than 22 years permanent in Asia. Our tasks and experiences from the initial setup to running various companies go through all departments and areas.


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We are Lindhorst & Yang an international company with German and Chinese roots. As founders of the company, we draw on more than 25 years of active experience in Asia and we have been professionally active at different locations as head of the companies. We have worked over 20 years in Asia and know the business culture and regional differences. As a leader, with a large staff responsibility, we know the local problems. We have successfully built up several production facilities for the industry in Asia including the related structures and reporting systems. As Managing Director and Board Member of the individual sites, the responsibility was in Production, Marketing, Sales, Development, Merger, Acquisitions and Strategic Investments. The different quality standards and management systems of the industry are known to us and have been implemented according to individual specifications. Social skills and the “Code of Conduct” accompanied us officially since 2004. Our experience is not by chance, but by the constant dealing with problems in a very dynamic environment. Our competence results from a steady and solid business performance of individual sites in Asia.

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With every task we get, our focus is on you.
Your corporate philosophy and values as well the professional competence has priority for us. It is important to understand all participants involved in the project, to find a sustainable and solid solution which fits in your corporate strategy.
To work in a team with professional resources is always a benefit to us. This is not limited to the project work with you, rather and also for the relationship with your clients, where the public visibility and external image is crucial for success.
We are aware that confidentiality for your project is mandatory.
We are used to work in an international environment; and “Social Skills” as well the “Code of Conduct” has been with us since 2004.
We are your Partner and know that we represent your company with every task we work on, please contact us, we are glad to talk with you…

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Many years of experience in Asia, with a focus in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the ASEAN countries (Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Brunei) can not be explicitly represented on this website and does not replace a personal conversation with you.
With more than 20 years of leadership responsibility for manufacturing operations in Asia, we were confronted with a variety of  strategies.
We would be pleased if we can pass on our experience to you.
Customer projects are usually confidential and very individual. The confidentiality and loyalty to the client is an important matter to us.


Thank you for your interest in our company, we are keen to meet you personally…