We offer holistic solutions for…


Conflict Management

Negotiation- and

Project Support


We have more than 25 years of practical experience in the Asian business and unite

● technical understanding

● economic understanding

● cultural understanding

which has grown through many years of experience.

With this competence we offer you holistic solutions for


Conflict Management

Negotiation- / Project Support


in the following areas …

Auditing & Assessments

Auditing & Assessments

We audit the processes, requirements and guidelines of the established standards in your company. As an external auditor, we are independent and bound by your instructions. We know the quality and management systems in Asia! We are aware of the weaknesses for certifications in
Interim Management

Interim Management

What do you do if one of your top executives fails unexpectedly? Your Management in China has violated the "Code of Conduct" and is immediately suspended from his position. The extent to which his employees are involved is still unknown, but the
Merger & Acquisitions

Merger & Acquisitions

What do you do with the competition? The easiest way to eliminate competitors is to buy them, provided you have the appropriate funds. Here, too, you need a detailed "Due Diligence Report" in which we will weigh up the synergy effects


A Master Plan and an extensive "Feasibility Study", including the "Due Diligence" of questionable influences is essential for a higher investment . The detailed documents provide not only the greatest assurance in planning, but are also required for funding and serve as the basis
Transcultural Training China

Transcultural Training China

Why do we speak of transcultural training and not of intercultural training? In transcultural training, we not only show the differences and diversity of cultures, but also focus on similarities and synergies. Transcultural training gives you a solid foundation for a
Supplier Evaluation

Supplier Evaluation

Quality can only be determined by clear specifications of standards for suppliers. Management systems and internal processes is another key building block for a quality product. Existing quality systems are of course no guarantee of consistent quality and must be checked regularly.
Visit from China, HK, …

Visit from China, HK, …

Reception and business services for your visit from China, Taiwan, HK, Singapore We look after your visitors from Asia and offer you security for a smooth processing of your Agenda during the visit. Professional Simultaneous translation of the visitors, save valuable time during
Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Defining Marketing and Product Strategies Whether you have the local market or export markets in mind, the right strategy for your products to market is critical for success. Find the right quality level, price structure, branding and sales partners for your products.
Project Support

Project Support

We support you in your activities in Asia We see ourselves not only as your partner, but as an employee with responsibility for your company. We not only supporting your projects, but work "hands on", with all our effort to achieve the targets for a successful closing. We



Your Partner for ASIA!


With every order we take, you are the focus.

To forward your company’s philosophy and values as well the professional competence is our priority. It is important to us to understand all parties involved to offer an harmonious, economical and beneficial environment for your company, where we can contribute our work sustainably.
This accounts not only for the project work with you, but also when  dealing with customers where the external effect to represent your company is decisive.

We are aware that we represent your company at every task we do.

We are used to work in an international environment, and “Social Competence” as well as the “Code of Conduct” has accompanied us since 2004.

Lindhorst & Yang – a typical business consulting company?

No! We break new ground and do not leave you alone after a final presentation. We work together with your team and assist you in implementing the displayed solutions. We are at your side and support you with proficiency and experience. We are not a large company, more specifically we are two senior-partners and a small back office team. We only accept orders with which we identify ourselves personally. Our corporate philosophy is important to us, even if we continue to grow.

We know what we do!

We have been stationed for more than 20 years at various locations in Asia and managed the operations for corporations from Germany. We do not delegate down our assignments, and do not send inexperienced consultants to you.




LY-TW-16-T1Localisation (local content) of production materials

If you as a manufacturing enterprise want to build a new production unit in Asia you should yourself intensively deal with the local cluster industry, import duties and the customs services.
Production material which has not yet been localised, might be imported for a longer time as scheduled. “Local Content” is a mandatory task for the Industry, the import duties could increase dramatically with time, if your company did not achieve the legally required local content rates.

A positive supplier evaluation in advance could later develop to a quality risk and your manufacturing unit fall back to imports with a strong competitive disadvantage.

Talk to us if you want to localise production materials and consider to develop reliable suppliers with high quality standards.




Conflict situations with partners, suppliers, customers and authorities can quickly escalate.

Asians are friendly by nature in there social interaction and you might not recognise a developed conflict situation easily. For economic success, it is very important to understand how conflicts could escalate and how to resolve the differences.

If the positive atmosphere turns into a mood of arguments, you reach this point where it’s very difficult to re-establish a harmonious relationship. Escalated conflict situations are always very complex.  It’s almost impossible for Westerners to understand the cause and implications completely and actions to resolve the conflict could lead in a wrong direction. This requires a very deep cultural understanding and feeling for the language.

We have more than 20 years of experience to solve conflicts in Asia, in order to achieve a profitable business development.

Talk to us, we are ready to get involved to ease intercultural conflict situations…


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Invest in China or the ASEAN countries and increase sales and market scale!




Identifying risks and opportunities in a timely manner is crucial, but what is the basis for our decisions..

LY-A2-19JUL2016According to the existing business practice, we rely on reporting, provided that we have the right numbers at hand. We know our GM in China, we can trust him and he has his team well under control.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case and the reported numbers are simply wrong!

If you make business decisions, as usual, on the basis of figures whose background or origin you can not check, it is absolutely necessary to build up a detailed reporting system where the decisive KPIs provide a conclusive result.


Unfortunately, most employees in Asia do not take it so serious with the reporting and develop a lot of creativity when it comes to numbers. The result is an unreliable report with wrong numbers.  To prevent this, only a clear reporting guide, which offers no possibility for its own creativity of the figures, is necessary.

LY-TYP3-11We have professional experience in “China Reporting” and used to present the results of all departments in figures so that they are clear and explicit.
Since many numbers and KPI’s have to be individually compiled and understood, the reporting is not to be underestimated and should be consistently demanded from day one of the operation. The handling of the employess needs here a lot of experience so that the motivation does not turn into a termination.

This offer is aimed at medium-sized companies and industrial groups who have the need to improve or build up reporting systems.


Lindhorst & Yang is your partner for the Asian business. We are over 25 years actively involved in the international business and permanently stationed in Asia for more than 22 years.

Our tasks and experiences with setting-up various companies go through all departments and areas.




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