Auditing & Assessments

We audit the processes, requirements and guidelines of the established standards in your company.

As an external auditor, we are independent and bound by your instructions.

We know the quality and management systems in Asia!

We are aware of the weaknesses for certifications in Asia. We have a very strong technical understanding and can assign the individual processes to the products and recognize the missing processes or wrongly executed processes. The internal workflows and documentation can be audited to reflect the actual state of the company.

We can also prepare you for upcoming accreditations and coach the individual departments accordingly.

If you are in doubt about the business planning and/or have noticed any irregularities in your company, we are there to investigate the questioned location for conformity.

Our experience with internal procedures and a sensitive approach with the executive management gives us the opportunity to quickly get the right information. The interpretations and evaluations of the information are then summarized by us in a detailed management report which has been developed according to your requirements. We look forward to working with you!

Please contact us if you are interested in an Assessment of your business in Asia …


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