Sales and Marketing

Defining Marketing and Product Strategies

Whether you have the local market or export markets in mind, the right strategy for your products to market is critical for success. Find the right quality level, price structure, branding and sales partners for your products. Without local partners, it is hard to cope in the Asian market. Many large companies could even not established without a joint venture with a local partner, although the possibility of establishing a “Wholly Foreign Owned Company” (WFOE), e.g. in China, is also given for many companies.

LY-TW-24-ASales and Marketing is highly dependent on the nature of the business. Whether industry, commerce, or even medium-sized companies; everyone needs different strategies to sell its products. Known distribution channels, logistics, and logical linkages are partially different in Asia from Europe and a rethink is required.

Here it makes little sense without details about your company and products to go more in depth, because each approach must be aligned individually.

Our network in ASIA runs through all sectors and we looking forward to support you.

Come to us, we will be glad to advise you about the local markets for your products.