Merger & Acquisitions

What do you do with the competition?

The easiest way to eliminate competitors is to buy them, provided you have the appropriate funds. Here, too, you need a detailed “Due Diligence Report” in which we will weigh up the synergy effects that you have to face. Larger market shares and the associated sales would be a positive effect. Process know-how and advanced technology could then be adopted. Brand names and sales channels are now in your hands. Qualified employees must now report to you and follow your instructions.

This all sounds very positive, but also includes risks when the company has not been audited intensively enough.

As a competitor, you know the products and market shares exactly, but what about production and the quality system? Are the products profitable and the employees actually qualified? Or awaits you actually more investment as planned and an expensive social plan?

Do the new brand names actually fit into your program, or are they worthless if you act as “one” company with your existing own brands; Or just clean up the market?

What is the legal situation in this country where I am acquiring the company?

Pricing and distribution policies for your products would be easier, or more difficult if you have more brands and quality levels on the market?

There are many questions that a “Due Dilligence Report” should answer!

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